What’s next…

I have always wanted Oulook, (my current PIM of choice), my phone, and slate to know something about what I am up to. I mean beyond automatically setting my ring tone to silent during meetings. Google Now is heading in the right direction, telling me the weather in the morning, the proximity of food outlets at lunchtime and bars in the evening.

Context seems to be the name for this tech. Robert Scoble does a great job of looking at why we should both worry and how we might benefit from it.

We all know that our mobile phones are spying on us. If you are in blissful ignorance of this don’t watch Malte Spitz. You won’t like what you see. But what if we don’t mind being tracked as long as we are the only ones to benefit from it.

The challenge is how do we benefit from Context without handing security services both public and private the perfect source of tracking information.

If Microsoft, Google and Apple get this wrong, I will need to watch Enemy of the State again for a new set of tips and tricks.

First forget technology…. then think

Why do so many good ideas not get adopted, particularly in the NHS? I believe it may be because the NHS spend so much time on the biology and technology they forget the psychology.

If you address psychology first you may save a fortune; a power company in the US  wanted to reduce their carbon footprint.  They planned to introduced alternative forms of non-carbon energy generation.   But they wanted to reduce the footprint more quickly so  they wrote to their customers and told them how much energy they were using compared to their neighbours.   Bingo! a 2-3 % reduction in carbon consumption across all their customers, or $900M in carbon benefit.



Not technology just psychology.  Now that is a pychnotechnology solution!