Great thinking

I like the way that John Caswell thinks… you can find more at  But here are some of his summer thoughts:

  • The Doh Rule – "The fact that organizations don’t build real team spirit, belief and passion for the outcome cannot be underestimated. So why is it?"
  • The Law of Dumb Calculations. "I don’t have the time to go through all this thinking again" – When we all know that the price of avoiding reasoning, rigor and critical decision making is a rounding error compared to the accumulative cost of the graveyard of failed businesses.What’s up with that?
  • Clear Confusion. "Meaning defies clarity. In other words it might not."
    The Context Rule – "Solving the wrong problem well is simple and requires us only to ignore context. Try it. Then Hide."
  • Tough & Tougher – "A Trilemma better describes hard choices in the 21st Century. It’s never either – or. It’s always either – or – and – and."
  • The Principle of Avoiding Complexity – "People who regard the act of thinking hard as complex and time consuming should try not doing so. See how complex and time consuming that is. Excellent."
  • The Law of Definition – "In defining anything – ever – be careful to listen to the lack of understanding on the face of the recipient. Then redefine it with them."

When I read this stuff I know I must just try harder

Looking forward to 2009

image John Coulthard, director of healthcare at Microsoft UK, reflects on the challenges facing the health service in the year ahead. He argues the coming year will be dominated by the need to make extremely demanding efficiency savings, while delivering on the personalisation agenda set out by Lord Darzi.


The main theme of the coming year will be the recession, and for everybody involved in healthcare the challenge will be how to do more with less. The years of plenty are over, but delivery of the huge policy agenda set out by Lord Ara Darzi at the end of his Next Stage Review has only just begun.

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