The secrets of productive people

I see that  FastCompany has one of their exec lists out.  I’m sure that these lists are rubbish, but they can be hilarious, imagine doing all of the things on the list in the belief that they will make your more productive. So here’s the latest list.   I particularly hate the idea only travelling with your sports gear on business trips and having your business attire posted by FedEx.   This one falls foul of my rule #2, never be separated from your kit.

Pimp your podcast listening.

Over the last month, I have pimped by mobile phone podcast experience. Having used a fruit based product as my mobile for some years, I was happy to see the native Podcast app arrive with a recent upgrade. It has the advantage of being free (never underestimate the power of free in any marketing plan).

But I now prefer the heterogeneous world Android, so I have spent some time choosing an App. The best review I could find was on The Verge  so my choice is Shift Jelly’s Pocket Cast. If you don’t want to pay for an App then I think Stitcher is the best option. Now it’s just a matter of which casts? Here is my somewhat eclectic list:

From the BBC

  • In Our Time – has an extra bit on the end
  • Thinking Allowed
  • The Media Show
  • Front Row
  • Kermode & Mayo’s Film review – much more than just a repeat of the radio show

From The Economist

  • Editor’s Picks

From Penguin

  • Penguin Podcast with Richard E Grant

Independent –

  • The Journal by Kevin Rose
  • The Pen Addict
  • Cortex

What’s next…

I have always wanted Oulook, (my current PIM of choice), my phone, and slate to know something about what I am up to. I mean beyond automatically setting my ring tone to silent during meetings. Google Now is heading in the right direction, telling me the weather in the morning, the proximity of food outlets at lunchtime and bars in the evening.

Context seems to be the name for this tech. Robert Scoble does a great job of looking at why we should both worry and how we might benefit from it.

We all know that our mobile phones are spying on us. If you are in blissful ignorance of this don’t watch Malte Spitz. You won’t like what you see. But what if we don’t mind being tracked as long as we are the only ones to benefit from it.

The challenge is how do we benefit from Context without handing security services both public and private the perfect source of tracking information.

If Microsoft, Google and Apple get this wrong, I will need to watch Enemy of the State again for a new set of tips and tricks.

My Web Week

A few people have asked where I go on the web. So rather than a list of links I thought I might try it as a narrative. As many will know I left Microsoft this summer and joined the NHS Commissioning Board. So this has informed my searches and visits this week.

At the outset I wanted to see what was going on elsewhere in the world of healthcare. I find a good place to start is Change This it is a manifesto version of TED and of course given the month the wonderful Adam Garone and his Movember journey. There is so much in TED you can always find something to inspire. But I also wanted a bit of technology so went to the Verge and the 90 Secs video brief and its always funky conclusion.
When I am in London I work out of Central Working and attached to it is a Gailes bakery.. I am interested in the rise of the Artisan and this is explained via and photo journey in CoolHunter.

Finally, I searched for some insight into the fast changing Social Media environment and in particular I want to know more about Nate Silver and what he had achieved in calling the 2012 Presidential Election in the US.

And that was my web week.

My week on the web…

As part of making the web a greater part of the way I work, I spent Friday morning with Matthew Stibbe.  His blog Bad Language  is a great resource for all writers.

My week must have a does of, I am great fan of Hans Rosling  and his Gapfinder site.  He makes sense of complex things, and he tells it as it is.

I am planning to take 2 months away from Microsoft in the summer.  So I visited  I am a member of the Cyclist Touring Club and they have a great library of routes in the UK, Europe and around the world.  I plan to riding just a few thousand KMs.