Gosport Hospital Report and the NHS

I thought it might be useful to point you at two reports that have received some coverage in the Press but are hardly mentioned by the NHS. NHS England seems to have gone to some lengths remove any NHS Branding the reports. In reading them, you might think that this was a private hospital.

The Panel report is here and the Government response here.

Here is Matt Hancock’s introduction in full

The Gosport Independent Panel has made us see with great clarity a terrible and shameful episode in our history. To read the Panel’s report is to understand how doctors, nurses, and leaders in healthcare – those we most want and need to trust – can fall away from acceptable standards of practice, with awful consequences for patients. The report also describes with quiet anger the many struggles and frustrations of the families of those who died at Gosport. For the families, the Panel’s report marks an important milestone rather than an end point and, while the Government cannot express a view about any subsequent process that may take place, we would like this response to be, in part, a tribute to the Gosport families and those who have supported them for their resilience, perseverance and courage in the face of many obstacles and delays.

The Panel’s report has made us think and reflect hard in Government and the NHS and in other agencies. This response document describes our initial actions and areas where we plan to do further work. I am sure, however, that this will not be the last word on the matters raised by the Panel’s report. Where we see opportunities now or in future years to act to both improve the safety of care and to honour those who were so badly let down in Gosport, we will seize them, and we will act on them.

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