What should humans eat?

I recently asked my Doctor what humans should eat?  She thought a little and then said, “You know, I have no idea.”  She could tell me all of the things I should not eat but had not thought of it as a species question. So, a little research later and apparently, humans are adapted to eat a palaeolithic diet. 

How hard can that be? Well if you know how to select food, prepare and cook it, then it’s not too hard. I was lucky my Mum was a home economics teacher, back in the day local education authorities in the UK thought that students should know how to cook and look after themselves. Luckily no one needs to know how to do that these days because it’s been outsourced to big business. My mum was not so sure, so she taught us how to cook and manage a home.

So, I now have my pointy stick plus a sack, and I hunt in the fresh food aisles of my local hunting ground. In my case it’s called Asda, I tried Waitrose, but didn’t like the other animals hunting there. However, that’s another story.

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