NHS England Lesson 7 – A Marketing free zone.

Marketing is a blind spot and is misunderstood by almost everyone in NHS England. The worst excess of this lack of understanding is the “focus group of one”, the idea in the head of the senior person present becomes the received wisdom of the crowd. NHS England’s failure to engage with the needs of patient groups is the outcome of a complete lack of marketing attention to the public, patients and professionals.

Lesson 7 – make your voice heard, you will have to shout, no one is actively listening. Most likely, you are going to have to use something like 38 Degrees to crowdsource your power. We the public have far more “new power” than the NHS would like us to have. New power operates differently, like a current. It is made by many. It is open, participatory, and peer-driven. It uploads, and it distributes. Like water or electricity, it’s most forceful when it surges. The goal with new power is not to hoard it but to channel it.

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