NHS England Lesson 5 – Management Skills and Best Practice….

Somewhere along the way the NHS/DH/Comissioning Board/NHS England missed the 90’s. I am not sure how this happened but all of the management skills and best practices of the last 20 years seem to have passed NHS England and Department of Health by. Peter Druker’s The Age of Discontinuity says it all. I thought his sometimes dystopian view was wrong .. Lesson 5 – I was wrong about Druker, there is a “Sickness in Government”. If you haven’t read his 1998 article you can find it here. The Sickness of Government.
“Bureaucrats keep on doing what their procedures
describe. Their tendency, as is only human, is to identify
what is in the best interest of the agency with what is right, and
what fits administrative convenience with effectiveness. As a result
the Welfare State cannot set priorities. It cannot concentrate its tremendous resources–and therefore does not get anything done”

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