A manifesto for complaining about health and social care. In less than 250 Words!

Consumers of health and social care services have 5 concerns:

  1. They do not have trust and confidence in the complaints system
  2. They are afraid to make a complaint close to the source of their care in case it affects how they are treated
  3. They do not believe that making a complaint will make a difference and that nothing will change as a result of their complaint
  4. They do not know who to complain to
  5. It can be bureaucratic and intimidating

They have 8 simple principles:

  1. Trusted and confidential.
  2. Responsive: Almost half (49%) of people have no confidence that their complaints will be dealt with effectively.
  3. Supportive: It takes courage to complain, don’t make it harder.
  4. Simple: The current complaints system is complex and simplification is paramount.
  5. Joined up: Consumers and users of services should be assured that lessons will be learned by the whole health and social care system – not just the individual health or care setting complained about.
  6. Integration between health and social care: Many issues arise at the junction of care, where a provider, ward or department changes or where an individual passes from health to social care provision.
  7. Transparency: The consumers can make effective choices about their health and social care.
  8. Complaints data and benchmarking: It can be the catalyst for service improvement and innovation

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