My Web Week

A few people have asked where I go on the web. So rather than a list of links I thought I might try it as a narrative. As many will know I left Microsoft this summer and joined the NHS Commissioning Board. So this has informed my searches and visits this week.

At the outset I wanted to see what was going on elsewhere in the world of healthcare. I find a good place to start is Change This it is a manifesto version of TED and of course given the month the wonderful Adam Garone and his Movember journey. There is so much in TED you can always find something to inspire. But I also wanted a bit of technology so went to the Verge and the 90 Secs video brief and its always funky conclusion.
When I am in London I work out of Central Working and attached to it is a Gailes bakery.. I am interested in the rise of the Artisan and this is explained via and photo journey in CoolHunter.

Finally, I searched for some insight into the fast changing Social Media environment and in particular I want to know more about Nate Silver and what he had achieved in calling the 2012 Presidential Election in the US.

And that was my web week.

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