The Gas man cometh and then the

Flanders and Swan’s The Gas Man Cometh was an amusing ditty that is sadly still relevant today. My mother lives on her own in a small village in Surrey.

Not long ago a water leak sprang up in the road outside her house. The local commercial water company came to mend it 10 days after it was reported.

Three weeks after its repair the electricity went off in her house. The Commercial power company turned up 24 hours later to repair it. The Water company had damaged the supply and the cable had been fractured. It took 3 days, 3 holes and a generator for 72 hours to repair it.

During the power repair my mother’s phone stopped working. BT came to reconnect the service, it took 7 days, they could not find one of the ends of the broken cable that the power company had cut through and buried.

We check the gas regularly!

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