Greek debt and foreigners

I had not been to Greece before, and as I now understand not many Greeks go to Greece either, they go to Crete, Sparta, Kos… and they really don’t  like foreigners… I mean by that anyone who is not from their Island or Region.

So it should come as no surprise that they struggle to comprehend the nature of their rising National EU debt.  I visited Crete, an island of great beauty,and one  that the Cretan’s are spending most of the time and effort destroying.  I would think 4 of 5 buildings currently under construction will rot where they currently fail to stand and there is no money for the public infrastructure either, road repairs have been left half done.

Allied to this is the extraordinary attitude of Greek Public Servants toward the average Greek, , tales of high handedness, back handers to do the smallest bit of state business and a one out all out attitude to wage negotiation (quite like to 60’s back home).     The people also have  a fearsome dislike of paying taxes; income or any other sort.  So no money from the EU and no money from the Greeks… that is not a recipe that will enable anyone to turn things round.

So what should we do.  Well, despite the sheer effort and plain enthusiasm one needs to deal with this country take your holidays there now, because by this time next year there will be little of the functioning state left.  So go before the Cretans, Spartans and any of the other tribes destroy Greece.

I suggest you travel in hope, arriving on time, with your caravanserai intact is perhaps too much to hope for.   I for one will go to Italy for a late summer break, they are much better at running things on a shoe string… they have the communists.

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