First stint of summer travel

I sitting in Chania airport, an airport so bad they gave it two names; Hania.  I have just gone through the check-in process and as a processes go I am pretty sure the Minoans would have done a better job.  Here are the steps:

  • Arrive at the Check-in desk.
  • Hand over your Passport and your ticket
  • If you don’t have a ticket hand over any bit of paper with your name on it (this will apply if you have a e boarding pass)
  • Put your luggage on the scales
  • The check-in  clerk will tag your bags
  • Take your luggage off the scales
  • Go to the Airport handler to pay for your extra leg room seat
  • Collect the receipt
  • Take receipt back to your original check-in desk
  • Wait for the people checking in there to complete their check-in
  • Hand over the receipt
  • Check- in clerk shouts over to other desk to check receipt
  • Pick up your new boarding passes
  • Take your luggage… yes you still have that,   and join the scanning luggage queue.
  • Drop off your luggage
  • Head of security and departure lounge

And you are done.

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