What are the key elements of an assisted living strategy?

For as long as I have worked in health there have been e-health, tele-medicine, tele-care, remote this and mobile that… and you know what… none of them have really been adopted in any serious way.  A few hundred here and there but its not changed the price of fish… or the cost of healthcare.

Until now too many projects  have focused on the technology and have not addresses the people issues.  I think there are a number of key elements:

  1. It’s about people and it must work with the way they live.
  2. It must recognise that family members are also care providers.
  3. It should be social not hierarchical.
  4. It is not about the NHS.
  5. It needs to add value for the individual.
  6. The technology in peoples homes needs be consumer centric.
  7. Access , Identity and security rules need to be transparent.
  8. The platform must be directly integrated into current clinical systems.
  9. The whole process must be part of a relationship management system.
  10. Live and unambiguous performance data must be available.

If we considered these issues we might perhaps have a platform that might deliver the outcomes the NHS has written into every e-blah blah Project Initiation Document.

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