Transparency at Mid Staffordshire Foundation Hospital Trust

Where is the transparency that we expect from all the service providers in our lives going to come from for healthcare in the UK? I see that the Mid Staffordshire Foundation Trust has a link to Theme 5: Continuing to do what we need to do to satisfy our regulators.  Well I will leave you to think about if that is the right target.

Of more concern if you read the October CQC Compliance Report, that is the 12 month report, there are still concerns about  patient care at the hospital.   Non of these concerns are on the front of the web site but are buried in a PDF.

Here is the latest news from the Hospital.


Somewhat surprisingly they do not refer to the Mid Staff Hospital Public Enquiry that is currently hearing evidence at the Civic Centre in Stafford.   So the theme here is Polish not Publish, double speak and make it look pretty…. but not transparency.

Oh and why is it still a Foundation Trust?

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