It’s complicated

Well, we all knew it would get complicated, all that stuff that we thought just applied to employees, now applies to customers, stakeholders, patients and other peoples employees.  This is what I mean:

Identity and Access – We thought that getting all the employees securely attached to the enterprise and its mission was the hard thing.   Now we realise that the really tricky problem is the identity and access of those that we providing services to and with.

Privacy – Well it was simple when it was just us. Now some want all the information published and then complain when we did not know that they really wanted us to know.  A kind of hold on and  let go strategy is needed… good luck with that one.

Application Security – OK we built monolithic applications because we were a monolithic organisation; now we are suppose to be an integrated network, how do we untangle all the important data that we may not want to share with the care network.   Like At Risk Registers, HIV+ employees, the canteen cleanliness report  or the plan for the car park.

Transparency of Information – See Privacy Well they want us to publish all the information… well except for this and that… so how do you do reverse content management… and the answer is not backwards.

Citizen Co-Production  and this one is a real cracker, all of the little helpers you need are out there to make your organisation more productive, but you have got to create the process to let them do it… surely we can’t all be out there creating our own processes… no one will get ‘appy with that, especially the citizen, who wants us to show up where they are.

Is that complicated enough for you!

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