Local is the new national… where is your mojo

Welcome to the LHS, the Local Health Service, in IM&T terms we can say goodbye to the National programmes, too slow to react to fast changing local needs.    A five year failure to deliver value and performance means that local health leaders are looking for local solutions.

When examined locale by locale the health service is an extraordinary thing, some communities have a demographic of the country average 30 years in the future while others mimic the middle class areas of Indian subcontinent cities.  How can one national solution fit all of these disparate needs.  My view is that they can’t and the last 5 years has proved this to be the case.

So, if whatever follows CFH wants to stay relevant, it needs to provide standards not solutions, think about local costs not national benefits and most of all have a deep understanding of local needs.  Fail in any one of these core specifications and it will follow in the footsteps of all its predecessors.

Local IM&T leaders need to find their mojo and get on with it;  stop looking to the Centre for guidance, look to the local needs of your health community, patients and citizens. 

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