A little help for my friends

For those that know me well I am a Mac user at home, have been for years, since I wrote my MBA thesis on a Colour Classic. I have always been aware that my Mac estate is as vulnerable as the PC I use for work.  

But what happens when my Mac estate is more vulnerable… what then.  I have had some real issues lately:

  • Time Machine hardware failure
  • Corrupt Key Chain Software
  • Loss of iPhoto database
  • Dropped calls in iPhone

So for those of you that might sit smugly thinking that the Mac world is free of such dangers as viruses, malware, phishing and hardware failure… watch out there is trouble about and Apple are not that fast to address it. 

My solution is:

  • Keep all your Apple Receipts forever!
  • Sign up for the best AV support you can afford
  • Make friends with your local Apple Partner
  • Avoid the Apple Store… you may find decent advice and skilled professionals there but it is not easy.

So be careful out there.

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