Great thinking

I like the way that John Caswell thinks… you can find more at  But here are some of his summer thoughts:

  • The Doh Rule – "The fact that organizations don’t build real team spirit, belief and passion for the outcome cannot be underestimated. So why is it?"
  • The Law of Dumb Calculations. "I don’t have the time to go through all this thinking again" – When we all know that the price of avoiding reasoning, rigor and critical decision making is a rounding error compared to the accumulative cost of the graveyard of failed businesses.What’s up with that?
  • Clear Confusion. "Meaning defies clarity. In other words it might not."
    The Context Rule – "Solving the wrong problem well is simple and requires us only to ignore context. Try it. Then Hide."
  • Tough & Tougher – "A Trilemma better describes hard choices in the 21st Century. It’s never either – or. It’s always either – or – and – and."
  • The Principle of Avoiding Complexity – "People who regard the act of thinking hard as complex and time consuming should try not doing so. See how complex and time consuming that is. Excellent."
  • The Law of Definition – "In defining anything – ever – be careful to listen to the lack of understanding on the face of the recipient. Then redefine it with them."

When I read this stuff I know I must just try harder

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