Can a 50-something be as web savvy as a 20-something.  Well yes,  if that 20 something is part of your family.   Increasingly parents; grand-parents and guardians are adopting the technology of their children to stay in touch with them.

It is more than a case of;  if you can’t find them… stalk them.. it’s using Blogs, Flickr, Text, email and IM to stay close to your children as they move away from home.  But the interesting thing is that all this technology rubs off at work.  So these 50-something’s begin to communicate like 20-something’s.   So we need a name to describe such people and I think that should be “a Reciprocal”.

So I live a web lifestyle, I exploit location services to find the best local restaurants and hotels at the best price,  I expect to know about things before the mainstream, I buy concert tickets before they go on sale, information is pushed to my devices, magazines are downloaded for less that the parking fee should I have gone to the newsagent to buy them.  My newspaper comes to me online before I leave the house.

All up … I am a Reciprocal.

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