Get things done, now.

If you can’t get something kicked off and running within 6 weeks, change the people you are trying to do it with!

You would think that the NHS would be keen to get on with things, running out of money, health equality gaps rising, employee demographics pushing people out not in, and a Government keen for change.   And yet there are few signs of urgency.  The QIPP programme has been running for a year or so and yet the NHS still seems  to be in denial… I could reprise the River in Africa joke but I wont.

So we need fire a maroon to get things moving.  Here is my 3 point manifesto :

  1. Get all that HES data out in public and provide the activists with the tools they need to make a sense of it… and do it in the next 6 weeks.
  2. Examine all those “rules” that limit the exploitation of data, all that “can’t store it here, do that with it, stuff”.  Nearly all of these rules cost money and we can’t afford them.  Just ask… so what happens if we get rid of the these rules?
  3. If you find yourself coming  up with a barrier to achieve something then you have the responsibility to come up with a solution… right there and then, if you can’t then, to quote Mr Mackay “ Shut it!”

That should get things going… yeah right!

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