Innovation is already here it is just poorly distributed

The future is here it is just poorly distributed, William Gibson.  I believe that if you want to innovate in an industry or sector the best place to look for ideas is outside it.  Rather in the same way that British Airways looked to Yacht designers and Human Factor design organisations for the flat bed in Club Class rather than their incumbent seat manufactures.

British Airport Authority looked to Disney to help them address customer dissatisfaction with long static queues.   They recommended the use of the a narrow queuing snake,one person wide and  serving a number of check in desks.  As a result the queue moves quickly and gives the customer an idea of progress.  By overestimation the queuing time the customer expectations are over matched.

So if the NHS wants to innovate to reduce costs, improve patient and citizen outcomes perhaps it should spend more time looking at other industries rather than gazing at its own navel.

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