Leadership.. Slim was right

There has been some discussion of leadership in Microsoft lately.

Shackleton or Slim.

Shackleton Leadership… not one I would follow, he was a leader we studied at Sandhurst when we looked at the dark arts of leadership, coercion, peer pressure and religious intolerance.

Undoubtedly once in the boat he did an amazing job of keeping people alive and navigating the small craft across a huge expanse of open water… the key is don’t prepare so badly that you have to get into the boat in the first place.

Our leader of choice was Lord Slim…he had 3 elements to his leadership:

1. Spiritual

(a) There must be a great and noble object.

(b) Its achievement must be vital.

(c) The method of achievement must be active, aggressive.

(d) The man must feel that what he is and what he does matters directly towards the attainment of the object.

2. Intellectual

(a) He must be convinced that the object can be attained; that it is not out of reach

(b) He must see, too, that the organization to which he belongs and which is striving to attain the object is an efficient one.

(c) He must have confidence in his leaders and know that whatever dangers and hardships he is called upon to suffer, his life will not be lightly flung away.

3. Material

(a) The man must feel that he will get a fair deal from his commanders and from the army generally.

(b) He must, as far as humanly possible, be given the best weapons and equipment for his task.

(c) His living and working conditions must be made as good as they can be.

I think there is much we can do with Slim’s simple outline.  

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