Train tickets… how many do you need?

I am sitting on a train from Edinburgh to Bath, of the 30 people of so who have got on and off this train in the last few hours I would say that 40% were charged extra because they had the wrong ticket.

Things  I have heard:

  1. That ticket can only be used on East Coast…. we are X Country…. you need a new ticket.
  2. You are on the wrong train yours leaves in 30 minutes you will have to get off… unless you pay extra
  3. That ticket is for Off-peak.. now if you were going to Birmingham that would be Off-peak but this train is Peak to Leeds… the passengers bought  tickets to B’Ham and got out at Leeds… it was cheaper than Peak to Leeds
  4. No we going South you need to go to Edinburgh that’s North …. fair enough!
  5. A soldier in full combat kit and more baggage than you could shake a stick at, got in at Darlington and was asked for his ID to prove he was in the Army… fortunately he had one… and his ticket was OK.  I thought we might all die in the Cross-fire.
  6. No, this Ticket is for tomorrow you have to get off, passenger then shows seat booking for Today with the same ticket … Ticket collector nonplussed… have not seen him for a bit.

Oh well it was fun while it lasted.

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