Quality and the NHS

I am a great fan of Dr Foster, they look at Data and they make judgements,  it is the “scores on the doors, George” that matter, and they make their analysis  available to the public.   I read with interest Barbara Young stating that this is not just about Data and that visits to Hospitals were important… That is true, but it should be the data, that at the outset, focuses the inspection teams.  I detect that if the Care Quality Commission had a back foot they would be some metres behind it.

The Care Quality Commission should consider intelligence led inspection as the basis of a new system of care quality reporting in the UK.   It requires:

  • the capture of all the relevant data in near real time, this probably happens already, it is just that the data is dumped into hard to reach silos.
  • The provision of access to the data to the widest possible community.
  • The wide availability of tools to analyse the date, by citizens, commercial  and government organizations….

In outline, I am proposing a “crowd sourcing” solution, this approach would lead to a growing public awareness that the NHS, while being one of the best healthcare services in the World, still needs to improve.

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