You can always tell…

The language people in organisations  use more often shows their intent than their stated policies.  

The hospital that uses the phase “Discharge Summary” sounds like they are washing their hand of you, a “summary of care letter” seems to imply they might just recognise that they are part of a continuing process.

One organisations  “remote monitoring” process is probably “self monitoring” for you.  If they set up self monitoring solutions in the first place  I bet they would cost a great deal less than the remote ones.

And the most annoying of all,  “out of hours” … out of who’s hours? The healthcare working organisation’s hours, that’s who and certainly not your work hours… What they mean is  “you can take time off for that, we are going home now”.

Let’s just hope that the citizen does not decide that enough is enough and demand the kind of service from their healthcare organisation that they  demand from their commercial providers.

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