Data Canning

One hundred years ago in the UK people would preserve the food grown on their gardens, allotments or small holdings.   It was not case that you could just go down to the supermarket and buy food.   It might be a whole day trip to a market for the items the family needed to make bread, feed for the animals and the like.   Families would hope to ensure access to food.  Some still do it today to guarantee the availability, quality  and price of produce.  In my case I grow sweet gooseberries.

Now, many feel the need to secure access to information.   Individuals look at the sources of important personal information and seem to take the view that those that currently hold this information cannot be trusted to retain it, or provide easy access to it.

If you were excepting the NHS to provide access to your Healthcare Record via  HealthSpace you may be disappointed, HMRC have been slow to keep electronic copies of tax returns.

So perhaps like me you are thinking of preserving your data… and of course the application you need to open the proprietary data format.  For my tax data I need to:

    1. Have an up-to-date version of Windows XP
    2. Have that year’s copy of TaxCalc running on the PC
    3. Have that years data in a directory for that year
    4. Have a printed copy of the Tax Return and copies of all the supporting paper in a plastic folder…. just in case it all goes Pete Tong.

I am still unsure of how to organise the Applications and the data, at the moment I tend towards putting both in  a Folder for each year.

For my healthcare record I am hoping that HealthVault will save me having to do all of the above.

So I find myself canning fruit and data.

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