Elements of Account Management in Microsoft

This short essay is to introduce you to twenty-five elements of account management in Microsoft. It is certainly not everything you need to know, I have assumed that you have the basics under your belt. It is aimed squarely at Microsoft Business managers new and perhaps more experienced.

Knowing that you are going to be a business manager you may have read Michael Treacey, Porter, and a couple of Motorway sales books. You have read Microsoft Product User Rights, T-36, the Product Guides and you have found “Gear Up”. You have even had a chance to read The Road Ahead and Business at the Speed of Light, and you know that, being the “Microsoft person” is going to be a tough job. Above all you know you need to create the Conditions of Satisfaction for your customer.

What does all this theory mean, you will have a steep target to meet, split into Product Groups 1 and 2, the Customer has a unique view of what they do and they are likely to look at the Microsoft bank balance and believe that you can do everything for free. So there are some principles that you can hold to that will keep your Sales Manager happy, the revenue coming in and most important of all; doing what the customer needs you to do in support of their business.

There are no universal answers here, markets are fickle, things can change at great speed, they require you to be well read in the matters of business especially Microsoft business. Keeping up will take every element of your wit and energy. The good news is that there are fundamentals that you can apply; you are not the only one to go down this road. If you believe that if you make your customer rich then you will be successful for Microsoft then you are on the right track and it’s called sales.

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